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 width= width= width= width=Sam Cahnman dropped by the Taylorville City Council meeting to talk about many issues facing Taylorville and the surrounding communities.

Cahnman is currently an alderman on the Springfield City Council and was a board member of the Sangamon County Board.

Cahnman says that voter turnout could be improved by having a secret ballot.

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Cahnman also says that it was important for him to see the Taylorville City Council Meeting so that he could gain a better understanding of the issues facing the community.

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Cahnman says that his previous service in public office will serve him well.

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Cahnman's Democratic Primary opponents in the race for the new 96th Illinois House District are Sue Scherer who is a schoolteacher from Decatur and former Fighting Illini football player Winston Taylor.

Other goings on at the meeting included the unanimous passing of the low bid from Darlene Blevins of $17.00 per cabin to clean the cabins at Lake Taylorville.

Five permanent docks are going to be replaced by JLS Marine for five floating docks for a cost not to exceed $ 15,000.

A contribution was also made of $3000 to the Optimist Club for the Fourth of July Fireworks Display with $2500 coming from the Hotel/Motel Tax to help promote tourism and $500 coming from the General Fund.

The $5000 won from the Reader's Digest "We Hear You America" sweepstakes to help with the installation of the 19kW Solar Panels.

All of the motions brought up at the Taylorville City Council Meeting were passed unanimously. The next City Council meeting is going to be on Monday April 2, 2012.


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