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How the city of Taylorville handles annexation, was a topic of discussion at Tuesday night’s Taylorville City Council meeting. After a recommendation from the council’s Water and Environmental committee, alderman Ernie Dorchinez made a motion to waive the 100-dollar annexation fee, and the approximately 200-dollar plat fee, for homeowners who agree to annex into the city within 60 days of written notice, and who don’t fight the city’s effort to annex them. Dorchinez told Regional Radio News after the meeting, that there are residents taking advantage of city services, who need to be annexed into the City of Taylorville.

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Dorchinez added that after his committee reviewed what should be done, a motion was brought to the full Council Tuesday night eliminating the annexation and plat fees for those who agree to annex.

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His motion passed unanimously at the Taylorville Council meeting Tuesday night.

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