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The Christian County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn you about a growing problem throughout the United States: Financial Exploitation scams.

Recently, another area resident was contacted by a man identifying himself as a representative of Publishers Clearing House. The individual, who spoke with a Jamaican accent, told the recipient that they had won a prize and that in order to complete the process they would need to send money to an account. Afterwards, the prize money would then be deposited into their account.  When the initial approach did not work, the caller became belligerent and threatening. Fortunately the recipient did not fall for this scam and alerted the Sheriff’s Office.

Last year we there were several scams involving Western Union. You’re reminded to be cautious if you are solicited via phone, or email, to send money. These scams are generally directed towards elderly victims. Scammers often cite bad phone connections in foreign countries as to the reason why their voices don’t seem right. If you are unsure, please contact this office or your local law enforcement agency.

Anyone with information pertaining to any crime is requested to contact the Christian County Sheriff’s Office (824-4961), their local law enforcement agency or Christian County Crime Stoppers at (1-800-568-TIPS) or (824-9100)

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