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Christian County Board met in regular session on Tuesday evening and heard committee reports on several items. The Highway, Building and Grounds committee brought several bids to the attention of the board including a bid for $13,200 for the purchase of treated timber bridge planks and $3950 for the purchase of a pipe hook from Kenco for lifting and placing pipe culverts. The board approved the purchase of these items.

The most time consuming discussion of the evening came as the board was discussing the salary increase for the County Board Administrative Coordinator. Jack Pearce Jr., made a motion to increase the pay of the position 5%. The motion was seconded and then the discussion began. There was a lot of confusion over whether the pay increase had already been voted on in previous board meetings. After much discussion, it was determined that the increase had actually been voted on in two previous meetings and that the votes were contradictory to each other. Chairman Schmitz then recommended that the motion on the floor be rescinded and that the members listen to the tapes of the previous meetings to determine exactly what the previous votes were and whether it would be necessary to rescind all votes on the matter and start all over again.

The board also heard a short overview from Jeremy Travelstead, broker from American Central Insurance. It was determined that the retired employees could receive better health coverage, better drug coverage and a lower costs by changing from Blue Cross to Health Alliance.

It was also approved by the board to allow States Attorney Finks to fill a vacancy for an assistant attorney and to allow County Clerk Linda Curtin to hire a temporary employee for six months to fill a vacancy in her department.

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