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 The Taylorville Community School District Board met Monday night. They heard reports from Mrs. Ganci, the principal of Memorial Elementary School and Mr. Richardson, principal of Taylorville High School. Both reports pertained to the improvement plans of the schools. Mrs. Ganci stated in her report that with 70% free and reduced lunches, along with a 23% mobility factor, the testing numbers for students at Memorial was a little misleading. 1 of 4 students at Memorial School, this year has left and been replaced with other students. Their will be new testing in 2014 that should be more accurate due to fact that the testing will be done 2 times, giving teachers and administrators a better read on the growth of their students.

Mr. Richardson outlined an extensive plan that may need to be implemented if the testing scores for the high school should fall short of the required number. The high school has fallen short for the past 5 years. If they fall short again this year, the improvement plan will need to implemented. The plan consisted of many parts which included involving parents in their child’s education through open houses in the fall, personal contact from teachers and increased activity from the Parent Advisory Board.

The board also heard a review of the District Technology by Mr. Kuntzman. The main part of his report centered around the need to revamp the Elementary and Jr. High Computer labs. The labs are definitely outdated. It would take approximately $149,000 to update the equipment in both the Elementary and Jr. High labs.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 8 pm.

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