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Secretary of State Jesse White has announced that the Secretary of State Police issued 187 citations during a statewide crack down on people who illegally park in disability parking spaces at local malls.  The enforcement kicked off on Black Friday, November 25th and continued through the end of December.

Sixty-five people were issued tickets for improper use of a disability parking space or parking in a disability space without a placard or license plate during the holiday season.  One hundred and twenty-two people were cited with misuse of a disability parking placard, or using someone else’s placard.  One hundred and sixteen placards were confiscated and a total of 5,696 placards were checked.

The fine for illegally using a placard or disability license plates without the authorized holder of the placard or disability license plates present is a maximum of $500.  In addition, violators can be subject to a 30-day administrative driver’s license suspension from the Secretary of State for the first offense.  The fine for parking in an accessible parking space without a parking placard or disability license plates can be as much as $350.



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