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Christian County Board Fills Vacancies

The Christian County Board met in their last regular season meeting of 2011. The first order of business conducted by the board was the appointment of Fred Curtin to fill the un-expired term of John C. Curtin of District 1. The appointment will expire on 11/30/12. The board was then introduced to and approved the recommendation of Marchelle Kassebaum of Litchfield as Superintendent of the Regional Office of Education for Christian and Montgomery counties. The appointment is to fill the vacancy left by the resignation or Tom Campbell and is effective 1/1/12.

Several items were brought to the attention of the board from the Highway, Building and Grounds Committee. A sealed bid for gasoline and diesel fuel to be used in 2012 was approved with the winning bidder being Morgan Distributing. It was also agreed to appropriate $730,000 from the Motor Fuel Tax fund for maintenance and $60,000 from that same fund for payment of social security and IMRF retirement for 2012. Another $102,000 was appropriated from the Motor Fuel Tax fund for payment of the salary and expenses of the County Engineer for 2012. Allied Tube was awarded the bid for sign posts and stubs in the amount of $6502.00.

The Audit, Finance, Purchasing committee report and actions included the approval to assist the City of Taylorville with engineering costs on the TIGER III grant to reconstruct 1700 North Road between Route 29 and Route 48 in the amount of $2000. The reconstruction would allow for commercial traffic between the two highways. Two resolutions were approved to sell delinquent properties, one in Pana Township and one at East Lawn Park Lot 26 in Taylorville.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:10 pm.

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