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Retailers Calling For Tax Fairness

Central Illinois business officials say online retailers have an unfair advantage because they're not required to collect sales tax from customers.  Dennis Reiken, with Dick Van Dyke Appliance World, says it puts his employees at a disadvantage.

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The business officials are calling on members of Congress to even the playing field by supporting the Marketplace Fairness Act.  The bill would allow states to enforce their tax laws on the online retailers.  Supporters say it could bring in an estimated 500-million dollars to Illinois' cash strapped bank account.   A similar law is already on the books in Illinois, but passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act would seal the law on a national level.

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Rob Karr with the Illinois Merchants Association says Illinois consumers are left to pay the bill when online consumers skip out on collecting taxes.

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Dennis Reiken, with Dick Van Dyke Appliances, calls it discrimination against consumers. 

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Zach Hoffman, with Wiley Office Furniture in Springfield, says all vendors should be responsible for collecting taxes, not just some.

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