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An vehicle was struck by another vehicle several times Monday in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy, with no drivers in either car. One vehicle apparently started to have electrical problems. The remote control start was malfunctioning, and witness says the driverless car started up and repeatedly struck another unoccupied car. No one was hurt. The cars weren’t too badly damaged.

No citations were issued after an accident in Taylorville Tuesday evening. A vehicle drive by 75-year-old William J. Buschon reported collided with a car driven by 54-year-old Pamela L. Martin of Aurora in the intersection of Springfield Rd. and Burnett Blvd. Both drivers claimed to have had the right of way, so officers were unable to assign blame. No one was ticketed. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

Police aren’t sure who is responsible for a two vehicle accident Tuesday at the intersection of Webster and Spresser Streets in Taylorville. A car driven by 49-year-old William Snow reported collided with a vehicle drive by 26-year-old Ashley N. Kozak of Blue Mound. Both drivers claimed to have the right of way. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene, but no injuries were reported.

30 year old Dustin K. Rosenthal, of Morrisonville was traveling north on Il Rt. 48 about 580 north.  A deer entered the roadway and he hit the deer.  Rosenthal was able to drive away from the scene and came to the Christian County Sheriff's office to file a report. 

28 year old Jacob D. Lefever, of Edinburg, was south bound on Rt. 29 when a deer came from his left (east) side and ran into the roadway.  Mr. Leefever stated he was unable to avoid the deer and struck the deer with the front drivers side of his truck. 


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