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Danielle E. Furness, 22, of Morrisonville was arrested on a bond forfeiture warrant for unspecified statute. 

Taylorville cops arrested a man Sunday evening. They were summoned to a Taylorville home where a woman complained that a man with an order of protection against him was at her home. After interviewing the woman, police arrested 46-year-old Scott E. Dailey of Taylorville a few blocks away from the residence. He was taken to Christian County Jail.

Taylorville Police made an arrested in a domestic violence situation. Officers were dispatched at 604 Arlington early Sunday morning on reports of a woman allegedly being beaten. They arrested 24-year-old Ethan W. Alberts on several charges, including domestic battery, aggravated assault, resisted arrest, and obstruction justice. He was taken to Christian County Jail.


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