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Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford Wants You to Make a Bid!

He’s offering an on-line auction of unclaimed property that’s been in the state’s possession for more than five years, and repeated attempts to reach the owners have gone unanswered. Rutherfordurges you to considering making a purchase before the auction ends Sunday night. 

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The cost to offer this auction is about two-thousand dollars, much less than the 29-thousand-dollar cost for the previously-used eBay auctions. 

To check out what’s on the list of more than 15-thousand items up for auction, go to w-w-w-dot-treasurer-dot-i-l-dot-gov and follow the link to the auction. 

Rutherford  says the auction features more than 15-thousand items, including coins, jewelry, stamp collections, Beanie Babies, and a baseball card picturing rookie Michael Jordan.

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The sale price of each lot must reach at least 75 percent of the appraised value.  100 percent of sales proceeds will be held for the rightful owners.

A link to the on-line auction can be found at w-w-w-dot-treasurer-dot-i-l-dot-gov.


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