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Safety Tips for Shoppers

With the holiday shopping season in full swing here are some shopping safety tips from Master Trooper Doug Francis, Safety Education Officer, Illinois State Police, District 18, Litchfield.

Park in well-lit areas.

Have a shopping partner.

Roll up the windows, take the keys and lock your car.

When you get out of your car look around at the landmarks so you can find your car later. Also before you enter the store/mall look back at where your car is. Again this makes it easier to find your car later.

Put valuables in the trunk out of sight.  This includes laptops, purses, cellphones, navigation systems   and anything you bought. When walking to and from your car keep your head up and be awareof your surroundings.

When shopping be aware of who is around you.  Pickpockets will bump into you to steal your valuables.

Keep your purse with you.  If you leave it in the cart and walk away for just a moment, it can be gone that quick.

Teach your children what to do if they lose you.  Have them stay in one place.  It makes it easier for you to find them.  Or have them go to the service desk or checkout.

If your children are old enough to go off on their own, have a pre-arranged meeting place and time.

When returning to your car if you see someone suspicious, turn around and go back in the store.

Load your car, get in and leave.  If you have your head down balancing check book, for instance, you are vulnerable at that point.

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