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Disaster Drill Held at Pana Community Hospital

 width=(Pana emergency personnel take injured “victim”, James Moon to a designated area for treatment..  The Pana Community Hospital and Emergency personnel held a disaster drill at the hospital on Wednesday.)

Pana Community Hospital, Pana Fire, Pana Ambulance and Pana EMS held a disaster drill on Wednesday, November 2nd.  The drill simulated a disaster in which a tornado hit the northwest corner of the hospital causing building damage and injuries to persons who worked within the hospital.  The drill was designed and coordinated by Pana Community Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Jim Burnett and Pana Fire Chief, Rod Bland.  Emergency personnel were called to the scene and instructed to find “victims” located in the hospital that were injured in the disaster and bring them to safe areas for proper treatment.  

The drill was a test for Pana Community Hospital in the areas of communications, registration, triage and treatment.  The Pana Fire Department was testing their disaster response for large area search and rescue. 

Tornadoes and other natural disasters can strike at any time.  PCH staff, Pana Fire, Pana EMS and Pana Ambulance must be prepared to respond to such disasters.  Practice drills prepare personnel for such events and identify areas for improvement in case a real disaster occurs.

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