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A bill that makes changes to the ComEd and Ameren proposal to raise electric rates is moving through the legislature.  The Senate passed the measure Tuesday afternoon and Moline Senator Mike Jacobs says this proves that the legislature can work together on quote, "good legislation."

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Governor Quinn says the trailer bill still doesn't provide enough protections for consumers but Moline Senator Mike Jacobs says Quinn isn't offering any solutions.

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Highland Senator Kyle McCarter voted no on the proposal because he says it's just not a fair deal.

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   Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had to work out issues with costs to make sure consumers aren't taken advantage of in the process.  Jacobs says the main goal is to create jobs and make sure customers' lights are restored as quickly as possible when there is an outage.  The trailer bill now heads to the House for approval but before it can become law, lawmakers must first override Governor Quinn's veto of the original bill.  Jacobs says he's confident the votes are there to override.

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