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 />The Lake Land College Foundation 2011 Art Heritage Show was held recently at Lake Land College. First place awards went to the artists pictured here. Front row is Samantha Banyai of Charleston who won Best in Show for her work, “Steam Punk Shoe.” Back row from left is Barbara Brummer of Mason, who won first place in the amateur category for “Reaching to the Sun;” Sherry Harris of Sullivan, who won first place for the professional category for her work “Somewhere in Turkey;” and Olivia Thoele of Teutopolis, who won first place in the student category for her work “Succumb.”</p>
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<p>What can you get with an old brown shoe and a busted accounting machine? Well, if you ask Samantha Banyai of Charleston, she might tell you a prize-winning work of art.</p>
<p> Banyai took home Best in Show at the Lake Land College Foundation 2011 Art Heritage Show for her work “Steam Punk Shoe.” To construct her piece, which is considered an “assemblage,” Banyai took gears, springs and a number counter and affixed them to a broken brown shoe.</p>
<p> “I was inspired to do this piece because one day I was running through a park while wearing these shoes, and I broke the heel off of this boot,” said Banyai. “I thought I might be able to repair it and add a heel, but once I found an old accounting machine, I thought the gears and springs would add some much needed style to the shoe.”</p>
<p>The show, which featured the work of many local artists, was co-sponsored by the Lake Land College Foundation, The First National Bank of Mattoon and Prairie Fields Folk Art and Craft Show.  Nine artists entered 17 works in the amateur division and 52 artists entered 67 works in the student division for a total of 69 artists and 100 works of art.</p>
<p>“The Foundation is very grateful for the continued support of our sponsors for this show, which is now in its 35<sup>th</sup> year at Lake Land College,

The judge for this year’s contest was Jodi Birdwell, art instructor at Lake Land College.

 “I chose Samantha’s work for Best in Show because it’s nice to shake things up,” said Birdwell. “There are so many elements to it that have been brought together with such skill and creative inventiveness. It’s also quite playful! Plus, I really enjoyed the fact that I could place an “assemblage” piece as Best in Show, because you don’t see that too often – it’s more typical to see a painting win the prize.”

Show winners in the professional category are as follows:  first place, Sherry Harris of Sullivan for her work “Somewhere in Turkey;” second place, Marcia Boroughs of Charleston for her work “Winter Bird;” and third place, Nick Walk of Sigel for “Midnight Snack.”

 Honorable Mention in the professional category went to Phillip Glosser of Charleston, Marcia Boroughs of Charleston and Nick Walk of Sigel.

 In the amateur category, the winners are: first place, Barbara Brummer of Mason for “Reaching to the Sun;” second place, Ronald Bartanen of Sullivan for “Chapel in the Woods, Turkey Run State Park, IN;” and third place, Sandra Lautrup of Effingham for “Where’s the Food.”

Amateur Honorable Mention went to Adrienne Strohm of Marshall and Pat Miah of Neoga.

 In the student division, the winners are: first place, Olivia Thoele of Teutopolis for “Succumb;” second place, Cathleen Bierman of Teutopolis for “Bierman Farm;” and third place was again Thoele for “Still-Life.”

 Honorable mention in the student category went to Brittany Mersman of Teutopolis, Julie Hoene of Teutopolis, Madison Kerans of Mattoon, Andrew Stokes of Charleston, Julie Hoene of Teutopolis, Lauren Heuerman of Teutopolis, Logan Bueker of Teutopolis, Mareike Eydt-Reche of Charleston and Shelby Will of Teutopolis.

 Monetary awards of $75, $50 and $25 were given to first, second and third place winners in each of the three categories. The artist chosen for Best in Show received a prize of $100

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