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The countdown to Chillifest is less than a week away as festivities for the event begin Saturday morning with the Opening Ceremonies, Annual Chillifest 5K Run/Walk and Beautiful Baby Contest Voting all beginning at 9:00 a.m. Fred Ronnow, President and CEO of the Greater Taylorville Area Chamber of Commerce, is looking forward to the weekend and says that if anyone is still interested in signing up their kid in the Little Mister Pageant, there is still room and time for you to do so.

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Another feature added to this year’s chillifest is that members of the military will be on hand on Saturday and Ronnow says they will be bringing free gifts to pass out to all who stop by.

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Aside from needing more entries for the Little Mister Pageant, Ronnow says judges are still needed to judge the chillifest chili competition.

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For more information about Chillifest, you can call the Taylorville Chamber of Commerce at 824-4919 or by visiting their website at chillifest-dot-info, that’s Chillifest with 2-L’s-dot-info.

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