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The idea of canceling regular-season games is becoming a very real possibility after collective bargaining talks between the NBA owners and players stalled on Tuesday. The owners and players began the talks on Tuesday afternoon knowing if they failed to produce significant results, there may not be enough time left to avoid the cancellation of regular-season contests.

Union president and current Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher says the two sides are still very far apart on an agreement. The players received 57-percent of basketball-related income in the last year of the expired CBA and made a new proposal of 53-percent on Tuesday. The league countered with 47-percent, which ultimately ended the meetings.

Last month, the league postponed training camps and canceled 43 preseason games scheduled between October 9th and 15th. The regular season is scheduled to begin November 1st as long as there is a new collective bargaining agreement in place, which seems very unlikely. The NBA locked out its players July 1st after the most recent labor deal between the sides expired.

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