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NBA owners and players talked again on Monday, mostly to set up a bigger meeting for today as the league's labor dispute moved into its fourth month. The latest round of meetings came on the day training camps were originally scheduled to open for the 2011-12 season and included "constructive" talks on how to come to an agreement. Meetings scheduled for Tuesday will reportedly include the NBA's full labor relations committee, about 10 owners, and a large group of players.

On Monday, Celtics forward Paul Pierce and union president Derek Fisher of the Lakers were on hand for the talks. Players and owners will meet separately before getting together for the larger meeting this afternoon that will go a long way in determining if regular season games need to be canceled.

Last month, the league postponed training camps and canceled 43 preseason games scheduled between October 9th and 15th. The regular season is scheduled to begin November 1st as long as there is a new collective bargaining agreement in place. The NBA locked out its players July 1st after the most recent labor deal between the sides expired.

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