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The Taylorville Police Department was called to the scene of a two vehicle accident involving a car and mped.

Stephen J. Vancil of Taylorville was waiting on traffic in the 100-block of Walnut Street when he was waved across the street by the witness who was driving the truck. Vancil proceeded to cross Walnut Street when he was struck by Daniel R. Dallstream of Taylorville.

Dallstream was heading northbound on Walnut when Vancil came into his lane of traffic and tried to avoid but could not.

The witness stated that the traffic was heavy on Walnut, so he let Vancil go into traffic first. He thought Vancil was going to pull out and go the same direction, but Vancil proceeded across both lanes of traffic when he was struck by Dallstream.

Vancil suffered minor injuries form the accident and was issued a citation for failure to yield when exiting an alleyway.

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