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 width=Lake Land College's green initiatives are expanding to the advisement and registration process. In the past, degree-seeking students received a letter notifying them of their academic advisor and the first date they could register. This year, students will receive this communication electronically.

"This new process provides students with immediate access to their advisor's phone number and office hours as well as their registration information," said Emily Hartke, chair of counseling and judicial affairs advisement. "While the first date of registration is in November, we strongly encourage students to contact their advisors as soon as possible."

All degree-seeking students at Lake Land College are required to contact their advisor for advisement before they are eligible to register each semester. This ensures students are taking courses that they need for their major and gives them the opportunity to connect with an expert in their area of interest.

“The advisor-student relationship is very important,” said Hartke. “Advisors help students ensure they are taking the correct courses for their major and establish their short-term and long-term educational goals. The new communication process will not only save paper, but it will make it easier for students to connect with their academic advisor.”

Students will still receive a postcard in the mail on or about Oct. 14, reminding them to go through the registration process with step-by-step instructions. The notification coincides with the date the spring 2012 schedule is published on the college's home page.

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