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 width=Pana Community Hospital is preparing for the conversion of their current computer system to a new system called “McKesson Paragon”. The hospital is in its’ final stages of preparation as they get ready to “go live” with the new system on Sunday, September 18.

Pana Community Hospital asks that all patients coming to the hospital for services bring photo identification and a current Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid card which will be scanned into the new system when they are registered for services.

The new computer system will allow Pana Community Hospital to create and maintain all patient records electronically. The new system will also allow local physicians to access patient information via the computer as opposed to having to request the patient’s paper chart. Local physicians will be able to securely view patient records from their office, and will soon be able to forward patient information securely to specialists and sub-specialists to whom they are referring the patient for follow-up or specialty care.

As a new feature of the McKesson Paragon Computer System, physicians on staff at Pana Community Hospital will be able to utilize Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). CPOE allows physicians to enter their orders into the computer system, instead of writing their orders on paper. CPOE can be done from within the hospital or through a secure portal at the doctor’s office. Physicians’ orders entered using CPOE are easy to read and will improve the timeliness of our patients’ care.

A team of dedicated hospital employees were selected and have been involved over the past year in the preparation of this new computer system. As the hospital team prepared the new computer system for our upcoming conversion, they used “what is best for our patients” as their guide. The new System has been designed to improve your patient care experience at Pana Community Hospital, and continues our mission to be a leading partner in assuring community-based quality healthcare.

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