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The Shelbyville Rotary Club held their weekly meeting Monday.

Mr. Monte Bower presented Monday’s program.

Bower is a member of the Illinois Guard 65th Troop Command Brigade. Monte originally began in the Corp in the transportation corps; but has since changed to become a Corp Chaplain, and is studying to receive a master’s in Divinity Degree. Monte is endorsed in his service by the Independent Christian Church, a 72-hour program.

Bower regularly serves one weekend per month, by which he and his unit respond to various calls to duty by the Illinois Governor, and sometimes with the Illinois Governor's approval responds to the United States Presidents call to service as part of the United States Army Reserve Corp.

As a Chaplain, Bower serves as a staff officer, is called to provide and conduct Sunday Services, and conduct Funeral Services, as well as personal counseling work. A chaplain is also called upon to address moral issues. A U S Chaplain does not carry a fire arm.

The United States Chaplaincy program began in 1775 being started by the Continental Congress. General George Washington appointed the first U S Chaplain. In 1861 the U S Chaplains were provided with their first uniforms. Title 10 and other regulations and laws now define the role and responsibilities of a U S Army - State Guard Chaplain. Chaplains are involved in the PIC "Partners in Care" program. A Chaplain is also able to keeps tabs on an enlisted reserve solders community and supportive relatives and friends. Monte expressed his role of Ill Guard Chaplain as doing ministry - the Army Way.

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