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In 2011, Illinois State Police District 9 have increased their DUI arrests by 35 percent. From January to present, District 9 has made over 370 DUI arrests. District 9 Commander, Captain Michael Zerbonia explains, “This increase has directly resulted in the reduction of alcohol related fatalities.” District 9 has experienced 4 alcohol-related deaths in 2011 compared to 9 alcohol-related deaths in 2010. However, “One death is too many,” explains Captain Zerbonia.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one alcohol-impaired fatality occurs every 48 minutes. In addition, one-third of fatal crashes involve alcohol-impaired driving. Illinois State Police District 9 was in full force with additional officers during the Labor Day weekend. This enforcement effort resulted in nearly 20 alcohol-related arrests.

District 9 will continue to remove impaired drivers from the roadway and focus on the Fatal Four violations: speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, distracted driving and driving under the influence. “Our duty is to keep the public and our roadways safe. The choice is simple. Drive safely and responsibly or risk losing your license and going to jail,” said Captain Zerbonia.

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