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The Lake Land College Office of Community and Professional Programs will host a Pheochromocytoma (feo-chrome-oh-sigh-toma) and Paraganglioma (para-gang-leo-muh) Symposium on Thursday, Oct. 6.

The symposium is set out to not only educate the public about pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma which are rare tumors originating in the adrenal glands that have emerged as the key model of cancer biology and future treatments of all cancers, but it will also serve as a continuing education opportunity for dental hygienists and nurses.

The event will bring survivors of the disease and specialists who study the disease from all over the nation to Lake Land College. Last year’s symposium hosted 127 participants and this year, five patient survivors with various familial and genetic components will present their case histories, with time for questions and answers.

Dr. James Filipiak, adjunct instructor of human anatomy and physiology, is the keynote speaker. After 23 years of symptoms, Filipiak was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor of his left adrenal medulla. Dr. Filipiak is an advocate for the education of pheochromocytoma by maintaining a support group, representing the disease in newspapers and magazines and by hosting the 2010 Pheo Symposium through Lake Land College.

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Cost to register for the event is $59 which will cover a catered breakfast, lunch, one-half of a college credit hour and class materials.

To register visit www.lakelandcollege.edu/learn and choose the medical link.

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