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Local Financial Leaders Cautious Of Stock Market Trends

 width=The recent stock market woes have many wondering if a second recession is possible, but according to some analysts, the market isn’t struggling based on financial problems in the U.S. alone, rather a combination of world and national problems.

Steve Henry of CSH Investments in Taylorville explains that a big drop in the market isn’t a surprise to him with the cycles that are common with the market.

[audio:steveh810a.mp3]Listen to Henry's comments here.[/audio]

Henry adds that global financial problems will continue to be a factor in what happens in the market situation in the U.S.

[audio:steveh810b.mp3]Listen to Henry's comments here.[/audio]

Despite closing at nearly 650-points lower on Monday, the NASDAQ finished up at nearly 430-points higher on Tuesday.

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