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The Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools, representing regional offices of education and intermediate service centers in Illinois, today issued the following statement on the ongoing situation surrounding Gov. Pat Quinn's decision to veto funding for the offices from the state budget:

"Regional superintendents met as scheduled on Wednesday, Aug. 3, with the governor's office and also with the State Board of Education to resolve this salary crisis. There is legislation being drafted by the governor's office to help resolve the matter, and that legislation will be presented to the regional superintendents in the next week. It will address ways in which we can be paid starting in November or December.

Regional superintendents are committed to the oath of office that they've taken and are continuing to carry out their duties unpaid, as are their assistants. They have missed two pay periods already and are looking to miss a third paycheck at the middle of this month. The hardships on these dedicated public servants and their families continue to grow.

There are many regional superintendents who really don't know how much longer they are able to go without pay, understandably. The consequences of this salary cut, even if unintended, could be severe and lead to these good people leaving office prematurely. Local county boards are reluctant to make replacement decisions because there is no pay for these positions. And most important, these important services cannot continue because there's no money to pay for them."

"Regional superintendents are committed to finding a solution quickly to provide the essential work for the thousands and thousands of Illinoisans we serve with no disruptions."

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