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A deadly blaze ripped through a rural Taylorville home Tuesday night according to the Taylorville Fire Department.

According to owners of the home, Adam and Jean Ann Jeffrey of 880 East 1800 North Road, near Sharpsburg, the fire began just before 9 o’clock Tuesday night. Jean Jeffrey told authorities that she was outside with two of the family’s seven children when she noticed smoke billowing from home’s kitchen.

Jean Ann Jeffrey went to a nearby neighbor’s home and called 911 responders. Jeffrey reported that the other five children were with grandparents at the time of the blaze. No one was hurt as a result of the fire.

The Taylorville Fire Department, along with five other area departments including Edinburg, Owaneco, Midland, Stonington, and Pawnee responded to the fire, but according to reports, fire fighters were unable to enter the home upon their arrival as the fire had grown too much too fast and caused the home's walls and roof to collapse.

The home and all of its contents were deemed a total loss by authorities at the scene. The fire is now being investigated by the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office.

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