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CCSO Warning Community About 'Grandparents' Scam

 width=The Christian County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this opportunity to once again warn our senior citizens about a Financial Exploitation scam that focuses on Grandparents. These scams are a growing problem throughout the United States.

Recently, an area resident was ready to wire thirty-eight hundred ($3,800.00) dollars through Western Union. Fortunately an alert employee, Deanna Samson, from Check and Cash realized what was happening and the lady didn't wire the money.

Back in May of this year we alerted you about an area resident who had been contacted by a male purporting to be his grandson. This individual claimed that he had been arrested in New York and needed him to send two thousand ($2,000.00) dollars for bond via Western Union. This matter is currently still under investigation.

In Butler, Ohio the Sheriff reported three separate cases in the month of July alone. While each case there had a slightly different approach, the victims all wired thousands of dollars to other countries. All the victims received more than one phone call for wire transfer requests.

In one instance a victim received a call from someone posing as her grandson stating he had been involved in a car crash in Mexico. In another instance the victim received a call from a male calling himself by his grandson's name. The individual claimed he needed money to get out of a Mexican hospital. Finally, another victim received a call indicating her grandson had been arrested and was in jail in a foreign country and needed money for bail.

In all these cases, the scammer(s) somehow knew the appropriate names of the victims' grandchildren. After receiving the initially requested wire transfers, there were multiple attempts by the scammers for additional wire transfers. Unfortunately, these victims all wired money to foreign countries and are out thousands of dollars that they will not likely recover.

Christian County residents are once again reminded to exercise due diligence if you are solicited via phone, or email, to send money. These scams are generally directed towards elderly victims who are the most susceptible and usually involve Western Union transfers. Scammers often cite bad phone connections in foreign countries as to the reason why their voices don’t seem right. If you are unsure, please contact this office or your local law enforcement agency.

Anyone with information pertaining to any crime is requested to contact the Christian County Sheriff’s Office (824-4961), their local law enforcement agency or Christian County Crime Stoppers at (1-800-568-TIPS) or (824-9100).

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