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USACE Lake Shelbyville Again to Offer Seasonal Tree Stand Permits

In 2009 Lake Shelbyville U.S. Army Corps of Engineers implemented a new Tree Stand Policy for Lake Shelbyville. The Policy was in response to requests from the hunting public to build flexibility into the current policy. Suggestions solicited from deer hunters over a month long period in July/August 2008 helped shape the new policy. The Policy allowed hunters to leave one stand up for the season (“Seasonal Tree Stand”) and/or utilize a “Roving” stand that can be left up for a period of 72 hours – the length of a 3 day weekend. Lake Shelbyville staff felt this provided the flexibility many hunters requested while maintaining the integrity of the resource and addressing abuses that led to the appearance of private exclusive use.

This year’s Policy will be the same as last year’s. Hunters wishing to purchase a Seasonal Tree stand permit must present a valid hunting license before a permit will be issued. Secondly, hunters repeatedly found in violation of the permit restrictions will lose their privileges for the immediate season and possibly the following season.

Since 2009, approximately 204 portable or permanent tree stands were impounded or destroyed. Additionally, many of the portable/ladder stands found were tagged with a sticker and the owners easily contacted. In these cases, the owner was ticketed for Violation of Posted Restrictions but they did not lose their stands or have to pay an additional impoundment fee. In the past, it was impossible to know whose stand was found and all were impounded.

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