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 width=The Lincoln Land Community College Board of Trustees recently voted to put the college’s tentative, fiscal year 2012 operating budget on file for public view as required by law. The board will likely vote on the final budget at the September 28th meeting.

The entire college budget is balanced, with projected revenues and expenditures of $41.3 million.

Trustees approved an application to the Illinois Community College Board to allow for construction of a suite of classrooms, labs and offices within the current Workforce Development Center for a new surgical technology program and basic nurse assistant program.

Meanwhile, the college’s new 80,000-square-foot Workforce Careers Center, and renovation project to add classrooms, a science lab and offices at LLCC-Jacksonville, are 90 percent completed.

Fall classes at the college begin August 20. Registration information is available at www.llcc.edu or by calling 786.2292.

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