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Taylorville City Council Discusses Possible Use Of Consent Agenda At Monday Night Meeting

 width=The topic of discussion at Monday night’s Taylorville City Council meeting was adopting the usage of consent agenda for future city council meetings.

There was an overwhelming amount of support from Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton and Taylorville city aldermen.

Brotherton explains that using consent agenda will help speed up the city council meeting process, as well as make it more effective for discussions of important matters.

[audio:gregb82a.mp3]Listen to Brotherton's comments here.[/audio]

Alderman Ernie Dorchinez says this will help in speeding up the process of city council proceedings by eliminating unneeded discussions on noncontroversial items.

[audio:ernied82a.mp3]Listen to Dorchinez's comments here.[/audio]

Alderman Rob Heberling adds that some more research and fine detailing might be in order before officially adopting the consent agenda process.

[audio:robh82a.mp3]Listen to Heberling's comments here.[/audio]

Alderman Earl Walters says this has been something the board has discussed for a long time and feels it will benefit the council and city in the future.

[audio:earlw82a.mp3]Listen to Walters''s comments here.[/audio]

Alderman Martin Vota, who spoke in favor of consent agenda as well, did have some reservations about the procedure, stating it could cause constituents to lose trust in elected aldermen.

[audio:martinv82a.mp3]Listen to Vota's comments here.[/audio]

The board agreed that more research should be done, but felt this would be a positive evolution in Taylorville City Council proceedings.

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