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 width=A new program for students interested in careers in silkscreen design and printing begins this fall at Lincoln Land Community College.

The nine-month silkscreen graphics program prepares students for employment in the silkscreen industry, or to go into business for themselves. Classes teach the entire process from art creation to production of silkscreen textiles, utilizing the college’s new silkscreen lab. Courses in career and interpersonal communication prepare students in customer service and running a business. An internship at a local silkscreen printer will also be available.

“At the end of this nine-month program next spring, students will have the skills to enter the workforce as silkscreen printers,” said Thom Whalen, professor of art and 2010 Pearson Master Teacher at LLCC, who will teach the art classes in the program.

Silkscreen graphics and production courses will be taught by Len Naumovich, owner of Primo Designs of Springfield.

More information on this “study-to-work” program is available by contacting Holly Whisler at holly.whisler@llcc.edu or calling 786.4694.

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