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 width=While the heat was unbearable for some last week, some workers might have felt the heat even more as they continued to finish up the Webster Street extension in Taylorville.

With heat indexes well into triple digits for much of last week, and expected for parts of this week, workers continue to put down asphalt on the most recent phase in the Webster Street extension.

Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton says that hot weeks like the one that ripped through Christian County last week can be particularly rough on city and construction workers.

[audio:gregb726a.mp3]Listen to Brotherton's comments here.[/audio]

Brotherton adds that most of the extension project is completed with very little left, and he’s unsure of when the addition of stop lights to the extension will take place.

[audio:gregb726b.mp3]Listen to Brotherton's comments here.[/audio]

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of the month according to several sources.

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