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 width=With the scandals involving college athletes and academics in the headlines the past twelve months, it comes as no surprise that some schools are beginning to look at ways to protect students from making similar mistakes.

At Monday night’s Taylorville School Board of Education meeting, Taylorville High School Matthew Hutchison reported that with some changes in the policy of athletes and those students involved in extracurricular activities, students might be deterred from breaking rules that would lead to suspensions or removal from activities.

[audio:mhutch714a.mp3]Listen to Hutchison's comments here.[/audio]

Hutchison says that there would be several changes that would keep kids out of trouble and eligible for school activities.

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Hutchison adds that there will be other changes to the rule book as well.

[audio:mhutch714c.mp3]Listen to Hutchison's comments here.[/audio]

The school board decided to table this discussion for another meeting so they could have time to further review the issue at hand.

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