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 width=A new beach regulation went into effect this year at all of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed beaches at Lake Shelbyville. All beach users must stay within the designated swim area, which is the yellow buoy line at the beaches. No boats or people are allowed within the area between the keep out/no boat buoys and the outer yellow swimming area buoy line. If you violate this regulation you may receive a citation and will have to leave the area.

This regulation was put in place primarily because the majority of people that drown at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes and rivers drown in non-designated areas more than likely exceeding their swimming abilities. It is important that you learn to swim well and never exceed your swimming abilities because the consequences could be deadly.

For more information concerning this regulation contact the Lake Shelbyville Project Office at (217) 774-3951 or email: lakeshelbyville@usace.army.mil.

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