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The Illinois Supreme Court Monday morning upheld the states $31 billion public works program and the video poker that's supposed to help pay for it.

The 7-0 ruling follows an appellate court decision earlier this year that had thrown out the deal.

The appellate court had sided with an argument that the law creating the construction program had too many different issues tied together. The state Supreme Court, in a decision written by Justice Anne Burke, maintained the General Assembly's actions were valid and dealt with a single matter rather than several unrelated matters.

Hutsonville State Representative Roger Eddy, who serves part of Shelby and Coles County, says that the education sector will benefit from this ruling.

[audio:reddy712a.MP3]Listen to Eddy's comments here.[/audio]

Decatur State Representative Adam Brown says that infrastructure will be a great way to get Illinois back to work.

[audio:abrown712a.MP3]Listen to Brown's comments here.[/audio]

More than just bricks-and-mortar projects involving schools, roads and sewers were at stake in the ruling by the seven Illinois justices. Also at issue were new and controversial sources of state revenue: Increases in driver's license and license plate fees, higher taxes on alcohol, candy, soft drinks and beauty products, and the video gambling. All were targeted to cover the cost of construction bonds plus interest.

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