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The NFL lockout might be in its final weeks. According to a report published Monday on ESPN, there could be a collective bargaining agreement in place between the NFL and its players in time for the deal to be ratified during league meetings on July 21st. Citing people familiar with the ongoing negotiations, the report said a "handshake deal" could be in place within 7-to-10 days and would be up for ratification by both sides. The ESPN report said both sides appear comfortable with a deal that would split all revenue so that the players would receive about 48 percent of the money at first and not less than around 46.5-percent during a new CBA that would last for 7-to-10 years. Almost all preseason games would be played if a deal is reached by July 21st, according to the report. The lockout began on March 12th after the NFL and players' union failed to reach an agreement on how to split about $9-billion in revenue, among other sticking points.

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