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 width=The Christian County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors met for their quarterly luncheon meeting Tuesday at the First National Bank of Pana board room, to review current efforts towards attracting and retaining jobs in Christian County.

Board chairman Dick Adams told Regional Radio News that he's pleased to again lead the organization following his appointment after the resgination of Eric Johnson, who has a new job outside of the county.

Adams said his first job is to get the economic development efforts on a more solid financial footing going forward. width=

[audio:dadams629a2.mp3]Listen to Adams' comments here.[/audio]

Adams said the local economic development organization passed a motion Tuesday that requires board members to contribute or raise at least one-thousand dollars to the C-C-E-D-C.

[audio:dadams629b1.mp3]Listen to Adams' comments here.[/audio]

The board also heard a report from executive director Mary Renner, that a couple of projects are on the front burner—the Tenaska coal gasification project, and an expansion of the Nexus National Greenhouse business in Pana.

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