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President Obama Delivers Speech to Illinois General Assembly

President Barack Obama delivered a speech to the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield on Wednesday afternoon that included highlights of his days in Springfield, what he’s done so far in his Presidency, politics, and the future. Obama admitted that one of his few regrets was to reduce the polarization and meanness in politics.

He cited examples of what they accomplished such as saving the economy from depression, brought back an automobile industry from the brink of collapse, helped create jobs, cut unemployment, and brought vast majority of troop’s home to their families.


Obama offered three steps he believes that would help reform institutions and move the system that reflects citizens in the nation, which included reducing corrosive money in politics, rethinking the way that congressional districts should be drawn, and having the responsibility and working together as citizens and elected officials to change the system. Obama says technology has had an effect on the gerrymandering of the districts.

In regards to a new law that was passed that allows Illinois to register and vote at the polls on Election Day, Obama said he is proud of his home state of the new law and encouraged the expansion of early voting.

Obama’s speech to the GA lasted about an hour. 

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