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FY17 Fiscal Budget Considerations Brought by TCUSD #3 Board

The main item and most discussed during the Taylorville Community Unit School District #3 Board meeting were the proposed FY17 budget considerations. Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau presented the elementary considerations which include move existing Mt. Auburn K-3 students from Stonington to Taylorville. Leave the Stonington facility a K-3 building for the 2016-2017 school year, and the Pre School Program would still be at Stonington. The Elementary FACES Program would remain at Stonington, along with the Cornerstone/Christ Mont Academy.


In terms of FY17 North Elementary Additional Support, the Kindergarten Grade level would be assigned a Title Reading Teacher and a Reading Aid. The first grade level would be assigned a Title Reading teacher and a reading aid, while second grade would be assigned two reading aids. Fuerstenau also mentioned the funding comes from the Federal Title I Reading Grant.


As for the FY17 Budget Considerations for athletics, it was announced that 7th and 8th grade athletics to be run by an outside youth organization, and teams would use district facilities such as gymnasiums in the schools. The elimination of transportation to away games, as parents would be responsible to transport students. As for freshman athletics, a consideration is to eliminate transportation to away games, as parents will be responsible to transport students.

Regarding the budget considerations proposed for athletics, Fuerstenau mentioned it would save $87,000 out of the $110,000 of the proposed. He also pointed out most districts in this country are run separately.

Fuerstenau also mentioned long range thoughts such as the future of the District Administrative Office, along with the usage of the Stonington Facility and Memorial Facility, and compared both facilities. No action was taken on the proposed FY17 budget considerations. 

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