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Vail and Smith are Latest Winners in H&R Block’s Sweepstakes

* Almeta Vail is pictured with the $1000 check she received at H&R Block.


More winners have stopped by the H&R Block store in Taylorville to receive their $1000 as part of the 1000 Win, $1000 Daily Sweepstakes. Reggie Smith and Almeta Vail have received their $1000 check. Vail is planning a family vacation, while Smith’s plan is banking the money and will decide in the future.


The 1000 Win, $1000 Daily Sweepstakes continues until February 15. Those that file their income tax returns are entered into a drawing to receive $1000.  A photo of both Smith and Vail can be viewed online at taylorvilledailynews.com. More information on the sweepstakes can be found at your nearest H&R Block office or hrblock.com.

* Reggie South is pictured with this $1000 check at H&R Block in Taylorville.

** Both photos submitted by Laurie Henry

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