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IEMA, FEMA, and SBA Tour Kincaid to Assess Flood Damage

* Kincaid Mayor David Oller shows IEMA and FEMA members a residence that was flooded.


The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and local officials were in Kincaid on Thursday, touring the homes impacted by the flood waters in late December. Don Kauerauf, Chief Bureau Preparedness Grants Administration, said they were in the area to do a joint preliminary damage assessment which is comprised of all three groups.


Kauerauf said they hope to have all the assessments collected sometime next week.

Patti Thompson, Communications Director for the IEMA told Regional Radio News if Christian County receives a federal disaster declaration, there would be two types of assistance, which would involve grants and low interest loans.

Thompson further noted the State does not have a disaster relief program similar to what FEMA has. If the IEMA were able to provide any assistance to residents, it would be through a federal program. 





































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