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The Illinois State Police in Districts 09 and 18 have issued a travel advisory for motorists who plan to get behind the wheel after the recent snowfall, which has caused slick conditions on the roadways and accidents. ISP Trooper Sean Ramsey, Safety Education Officer of District 09 told Regional Radio News that water from the melting snow will freeze due to low temperatures, and warned motorists about the danger of black ice in the area.


Ramsey offered safety tips to motorists such as planning ahead before going out, don’t follow the snowplows too closely, and store emergency items in your vehicle in case you get stranded for a length of time.


For motor vehicle assistance or if you’re stranded and need help, you can call the ISP District 9 office at 217-786-6677 or ISP District 18 at 618-346-3990, or dial 911. Road conditions are also updated by going to gettingaroundillinois.com.

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