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Letter to the Editor:



Posted June 2, 2023


Dear Editor:


Getting along with others, midway or anyway, is obviously a difficult hurdle since the TDN Editorial was posted.  Not many responses to that can of worms which is another historical lesson being challenged in our 21st Century. The Melting Pot of American citizenship is foaming over with diversity adnauseam!  I could not resist a line from the 1950s TV Rawhide Theme Song; “Keep movin’, movin’, movin’, Though they’re disapprovin’, Keep them dogies movin’, Rawhide”.  


Our culture has sifted through herd-mentality (legal immigration versus illegal migrunts) into herd-immunity (Corona Pandemonium) and is now knee deep in herd-stupidity (Woke and assorted nonsense ideas)!  Follow the crowd and go with the flow seems so relevant but leads where?  Since the middle of the 20th Century We the herd have been steadily brainwashed with anti-American behavior and convictions.


Herd-mentality can be advantageous when driven by herd drivers (drovers) with a common purpose, such as delivering herds of cattle to market and food production.  We-the-herd can be driven way off course and against the intentions of the pioneers who established a new nation here over 400 years ago.  They had a common purpose and desire for life not corralled by corrupt leaders and governments.  They did not seek a halfway or midway existence. It was all or nothing, right versus wrong, following leadership with principals from on High, just like Mr. Miller heralded in his Station Editorial. 


There is a very real hope to a common cause in America and any nation that expects to endure. We-the-herd are either going to stampede the corruption and open rebellion against the USA or settle for whoever has the worse perversion of a Godless way of life.  A middle ground cannot solve the ongoing assault and mockery of the America we inherited from our parents and grandparents. Integrity and responsibility go together when we acknowledge a Higher power and purpose in life.  


Any doubters are encouraged to visit The Sedalia Katy Depot, The Legend of Rawhide - Sedalia, Missouri at the link https://katydepotsedalia.com/thelegendofrawhide.htm


Reviewing our heritage and history are still powerful reminders to why America has succeeded and why we do not need to trash it over the nonsense and open rebellion against our nation.  For the most arrogant and obnoxious amongst us a one-way migration to your favorite ‘other nation’ is highly recommended! 



Ernie & Ruth Poani

Edinburg, IL 62531


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