For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 9/14/23

The following cases were heard on September 14th, 2023:


Zachary Bland: Petition to rescind SSS is granted. 23CF3 Counts 1-3 are dismissed pursuant to the admission of the SSS. Defendant plead guilty to Count 4 for 6 months court supervision. Peition to rescind statutory summary suspension filed by Attorney Finks.


Jeremy Cole: Defendant present in custody; PD Senger present and State's Attorney present. PD to file pleading to be filed and set at 10 a.m. on 9/18/23. Defendant to remain in custody until that time.


Bradley Graham: Attorney Rahar present. Motion for pretrial release set at 10 a.m. on 9/18/23.


Dennis Lowe III: Defendant present, State's Attorney present; working on plea. Reset pretrial 10/31/23 at 10 a.m.


Alma Nerone: Public Defender present, State's Attorney present, Defendant present; Stat'e Attorney moves to nolle chrges, but reserves the right to refile charges. $1,000 refunded to whoever posted the bail.


Robin Parsons: Attorney Finks present, Assistant State's Attorney present; final pretrial confirmed.


James Reinstorf: Defendant present, Assistant State's Attorney present; agreement to send case to collections.


Frank Sedlock: State's Attorney present, Defendant present, PD Grigsby present. Defendant sent to 1 year IDOC and other terms pursuant to standard order entered. Bond to be returned.


Keith Westbrook: Defendant did not appear, State's Attorney present; dismissed due to want of prosecution.


Andrew Woods: Defendant present in custody, Attorney Herkert present, State's Attorney present; motion to detain set 9/18/23 at 10 a.m.

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