For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on Tuesday December 17th, 2019.


Sierra S. Hatfill appeared in court. Final PTO Scheduled for January 17th


Holly M. Hapner failed to appear. Attorney notified the court, defendant is in hospital. Pretrial continued for January 17th.


Sandra R. Delahunt appeared in court. Plea presentation to take place on January 16th.


Chad R. Hammond fails to appear. In Shelby county. Pretrial continued for January 16th. 


Kevin Haynes in custody. Motion for unfitness withdrawn. Pretrial continued for December 23rd.


Tyler Martin appeared in custody.  Pretrial continued for January 24th.


Matthew Mcintyre appeared in custody. Further pretrial continued for December 23rd.


Steven M. Wilson appeared in court. Jury trial set for February 10th. Final Pretrial set for January 28th.


Nicholas Cox released on a $35,000 recognizance bond with conditions over state’s objection. Pretrial continued for January 27th.


Corey M. Crets appeared in court. Defendant appears late. Warrant quashed. Jury trial set for March 2nd. Final Pretrial set for February 18th.


Matthew L. Harden appeared in court. Pretrial continued for January 19th.


Eric Fortner appeared in court. Under Missouri Patrol conditions. Missouri allows him to travel for court. Pretrial continued for January 16th. Counsel only.


Daniel Cunningham appeared in court. Pretrial continued for January 10th.

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