For the Record

The following court cases were heard on November 5th in front of Judge Christopher Matoush;


Ashley N. Beaman appeared in custody. Furlough requested for treatment. Denied. November 26th preliminary hearing set for both cases.


Andrea N. Dixon appeared in court. FAWPD set for December 12th.


David A. Handlin appeared in custody. Bond set at $25,000. PD appointed over objection from the state. Preliminary hearing set for November 22nd.


Jesse J. Keller appeared in court.  Defendant waives preliminary hearing, and pleads guilty. Negotiated plea reached for 2 years first offender probation. Standard terms and conditions. Fines and Fees Total $3,670). 


Gerald J. Powyszynski appeared in custody. Preliminary hearing set for November 18th.


Gregory Jones appeared in custody. PTR filed PD appointed subject to possible reimbursement. Next court date set for November 15th.


Joshua Westerfield appeared in court. Pretrial continued for November 22nd.





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