For the Record

The following court cases were heard on August 5th 2019:


Samantha J. Abbot Fails to appear.  NTA sent for September 6th.


Adam G. Brachear appears in court. Ordered to complete job search. Review set for September 4th.


Kyla A. Brown fails to appear. NTA for September 6th.


Robyn D. Cloe fails to appear. Bench Warrant $3500 issued over PD objection.


Eric B. Crompton appears in court. Global plea set due to charges in other court. Possible plea set for October 15th. Continuation set for October 10th. 


Patrick D. Emmerling appears in court. Case continued for September 20th.


Byron C. Kay appears in court. Case continued for September 3rd.


Trevor L. Lindsey appears in court. Plea agreement met.  Case is continued for August 8th.


Matthew L. Mcintyre appears in court.  PD Drake out after conflict of interest.  PD Frische in. Preliminary hearing set for August 29th. 


Tilur M. Miller appears in court.  Requests time to find attorney. Continued for August 30th. 


Teresa A. Ochadleus appears in court.  Preliminary hearing set for September 3rd.


Joseph R. Sparling appears in court. State offered offer sheet today. Pretrial only set for September 6th. 


Tamara A. Wisnasky fails to appear.  Warrant issued for $5,000 over PD objection.

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