For the Record

The following court cases were heard in Christian County August 1st.


Garret D. Austin appeared in court. Case continued for possible plea set August 2nd. 


Jacob O. Banning appeared in court. Case continued for August 29th. 


Carolynn D. Campbell appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, and has pretrial only set for September 3rd.


Elizabeth A. Coatney appeared in court.  Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment plead not guilty, requested jury trial. Pretrial only set for August 30th.


Alex M. Collingwood appeared in court.  Case continued for September 26th.


Sierra M. Durbin appeared in court. Case continued for August 29th.


Brittany C. Hester failed to appear in court.  NTA issued for September 23rd.


Trenton S. Hunter appeared in court. Case continued for September 19th.


Alan J. Logsdon Jr. failed to appear.  Bench Warrant issued.  $25,000 bond over objection from PD Drake.


Danny J. Lowis appeared in court. Preliminary hearing and first appearance set for September 12th.


Madeline F. Lowis appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing. Pretrial continued for September 23rd.


James M. McGuinness fails to appear.  Bench Warrant issued over objection of PD Drake for $25,000.


Krunal D. Patel appeared in court.  Preliminary hearing set for September 12th.


Robert C. Scott appeared in court.  After evidence was submitted probable cause was found.  Arraignment waived. Pretrial set for September 12th with jury trial set for November 4th.


Toni K. Sherman appeared in court. Petition to revoke reset for August 26th. Defendent must report to probation.


Dalton C. Taylor appeared in court. Final Pretrial set for September 19th and jury trial set for September 30th.


Deandre Douglas appeared in court. Plea agreement met. 30 months probation, with 112 days CCJ with time served.

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