For the Record

19CF17 – Austin, Garrett D. - Aggravated Fleeing/2+ Con Devices.  Pretrial continuance set for 05/16/19.


18CF248 – Douglas, Deandre - Burglary. Failure to appear. Warrant issued and bond set for $50,000 over objection from attorney. 


16CF78 – Foraker, Ronee N. - Theft. Defendent pleads guilty and sentenced to 18 months in IDC plus one year mandatory supervised release.


19CF73 – Fox-Pittman, Lauren K. - Possession of narcotic. Pretrial continuance set for 06/13/19. 


17CF64 – Haworth, Chism L. - Battery/Causing Bodily Harm.  Failure to Appear.  Attorney had said defendant was ill.  Bench Warrant was issued for $50,000 over objection from attorney.  


18CF194 – Kidd, Kimberly M. - Agg. Battery Child, Aggravated Battery to 60+, Domestic Battery: Bodily Harm, Domestic Battery: Physical Contact. Continuance Pretrial set for 05/14/19


16CF172 – Kline, Michael D. - Possession of meth. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/10/19.


17CF247/17CF246 – Krouse, Cory D. Jr. - Unlawful Sale of Stolen Firearm, Narcotics, Theft. Pre-trial hearing continued to 04/30/19.


17CF185 – Krouse, Jason C. - Theft. Pretrial hearing scheduled for 6/10/19.


19CF1 – Logsdon, Alan J. - Poss. Of Meth, Fleeing, Driving on Revoked License. Continuation pre-trial June 10th.


18CF255/19CF7 – Merrifield, Amy – Theft <$300. Pleads guilty.  Receives 30 months probation plus fines.


18CF332 – Olive, Vickie S. – Theft >$300.  Pleads guilty.  Receives 2 years probation plus fines.


19CF33 – Ondrey, Rhonda L. – Criminal Trespassing.  Pretrial set for 6/3/19.


19CF87 – Powyszynski, Gerald – Agg. Domestic Battery, Aggravated Domestic Battery.    Pretrial set for 5/30/19.  Trial

set for 6/17/19.


19CF85 – Taylor, Dalton – Agg. Domestic Battery.  Pretrial set for 05/24/19.



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